Who the Heck are YOU?

Living Life in Color

By Dana Sear
Published: Jan 09, 2014 12:54 AM GMT / 
Updated: May 08, 2014 07:09 AM GMT

I was asked a question recently that was so difficult to answer. We were in training and I expected something like, "What's your favorite hair color?" or "When did you start cutting hair?" Instead the question was, "What defines you?"


There are the answers that we're supposed to give - A wife, a mother, a learner, a leader

There are the answers we give ourselves when no one is listening - an overeater, a workaholic, too _______, (fill in the blank)

There are the answers we give potential employers - always on time, team player, ambitious (but not too)

And my faves, the answers we give at high school reunions - I'm successful, smart, doing better than you

The problem is, none of those things, positive or negative actually DEFINE us. The question of WHO AM I shouldn't be that hard to answer. Don't we know ourselves? Aren't we aware of what we think about when we have nothing to think about?

I think about a lot of things but the thing I think about most, when my mind is allowed to wander is hair. And sailboats. And food. And words. Not just ANY hair. Fabulous hair. Coloring it. Cutting it. Drying it. Fixing it so that when you look in the mirror, you smile at yourself and say THERE I am!

And not just ANY sailboats. I think about the kind you can live on. With a galley and lit masts. Built in shower, and plenty of deck space for lounging in the sun and enjoying the sounds and smells of the ocean.

And not just any food. Good food. REALLY good food. The kind I can make. The kind people want to eat and beg me for the recipe. The kind that makes the whole house smell delish. The kind that makes the house feel like the happiest place on earth with people who love and enjoy each other sitting around the table and enjoying it just before a marathon of puzzles and board games. Love food. Not healthy/unhealthy necessarily. Just the kind of food that makes you want to come back and hang around in the kitchen again. And again. LOVE food. Some people call it comfort food but that suggests that the recipient needs comfort. Love food. Because who doesn't need love?

And not just any words. Beautiful words. Scary words. Well thought out words. I love to write and read. Profound thoughts stick in my mind like Mississippi bugs on a windshield. They lead, inspire, teach. They tell stories that entertain or change lives. It's a love affair that is at times, a curse. Pet peeves like, "I seen it", "I done it", or "I could OF" just jump up and punch me in the face and I want to punch back. Fortunately, instead I just usually tune out which, actually, sometimes does more damage than a punch.

So, who am I? It changes from day to day. TODAY, I am a new member of Miningco. I welcome you and invite you to visit as often as you like. We can exchange ideas, have healthy debates, share critical information.

Or, we can just have a bite to eat and dream about sailboats.

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